๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฌ Uganda 2019


Project: Well with manual pump
Location: Close to the town of Busia (near Kenyan border)
Date: November 2019
Cost: 7.700 Euros
Organisation: Global H2O
Drilling Company: Sub Saharan Drilling from Kitgum
People affected: 400 orphans

On The Map

In September 2019, I finished my cycling tour through Europe, South America and Australia. After one year of cycling, I had raised more donations than I would have ever imagined to come out of this. My goal of collecting one Euro for every kilometre cycled was exceeded and the donations totalled at incredible 17.800 Euros!

Crossing the Andes in March 2019.

In the beginning of my tour, I thought it would be great to get enough donations to build one well. Now that it was finished, I realised two wells could be built! I was really overwhelmed by all the feedback that I had received and all the generosity that was surrounding my tour.

Unfortunately, the political situation in Cameroon had worsened, so it was not safe to travel and invest the money in a water project there. As you may know, the English speaking region of Cameroon is experiencing a severe political crisis as fights over independency lead to a civil war with the French controlled gendarmerie. Read more here.

However, I did not want to wait for too long and have all the donations sit in the bank when people elsewhere urgently need water. Thus, I decided to construct a well in Uganda first. In November 2019, I sat on a plane to Kampala to visit Uganda for the second time after 2017.

Back in Uganda in November 2019.

In Kampala, I met up with David and Robert from Sub Saharan Drilling. I had already met them two and a half years ago and it was a pleasure seeing them again. David, the Operations Manager, had already expected me and prepared the drilling to take place as soon as I got there. We drove to Busia, a small town close to the Kenyan border. The US charity organisation Kingdom Home manages 4 small orphanages in the area and is building a new bigger orphanage on a new property to accommodate everyone in the same place. But in order to start building anything on that wild bush land, you obviously need water to make cement and have any workers stay there. That is where our well was going to be constructed.

More to follow soon!