Your Support


If you have decided to support my endeavours, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Here’s two options on how you can:

1. Help fund my next water projects in Cameroon 🇨🇲 and Uganda 🇺🇬

In order to support my next water projects, you can donate via to the organisation Global H2O Germany e.V. with whom I collaborate. A complete well costs roughly 7,700 Euros and usually serves around 500 people. The wells are located in very rural areas, on school properties, in refugee camps, close to orphanages etc. My goal is to construct one new well every year. After your donation, you will receive an email with your donation receipt (sent out once per year in February).


2. Help me pay for the trip to manage the project on site ✈️ 🛂

As always, I will manage the projects on site. This means that I will document the well construction by taking pictures, selecting and working together with the drilling company and guarantee for transparent money flows. Flight costs are usually around 600 Euros, visas range from 50 to 180 Euros depending on the country. Thank you for any contribution to my travel arrangements.